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The key to a successful charter boat is like a puzzle, many pieces must come together to form the big picture. I would like to take this opportunity to give you a behind the scene look at what goes into being a mate.

Your trip starts with a strong reliable boat and a captain that is knowledgeable of the lake or river your fishing he must have “hot spots” hidden up his sleeve and know how to work them.

As the day begins the mate is at the boat hours before the charter, he/she must then check weather conditions for the day to know as to what colours will work for say a morning or afternoon charter. As they set up for the day all equipment gets checked for any issues if something is found it must be repaired or replaced. They then move on to the boat and make sure everything is in order, checking that pop and water is stocked , or maybe your charter is lunch catered in that case they would check that all food is prepared and the BBQ is ready to go.

On to the lake we go! Now they deal with different scenario weather, the abuse they take from blistering hot sun to cold and wet from the rain. Once we slow down to trolling speed, they spring in to action, depending on the number of people on the charter will determine how many rods can be set, I have seen as few as (2) to as many as (14) I even had a mate time his (12) rod spread  8 min 51 sec with all rods set to desired depth and distance from the boat. (Really quite impressive to watch) doesn’t sound that hard.. try it.. With all rods set its game on they watch every rod for that slight movement once the fish is hooked they will help you from stat to finish to get that fish in the boat, with some of these fish fighting for an hour or more you’ll appreciate the help and advice.

During your charter they will entertain you with some great stories of past charters and big fish (that were not seen or caught) or talk about sports, weather, or anything else that may come up. As we near the end of your charter we arrive back at the dock with your catch of the day, they will entertain you with a show at the fish cleaning station, they clean all the fish and bag it properly for your journey home.

Now its time for the next charter of the day, and time to do it all over again.

So remember a simple hand shake and a smile to let them know how much you appreciate all they have done to make your day the absolute best.